Miltitz, Germany

The mine in Miltitz-Roitzschen is an old lime mine in which lime – and also a little silver ore – was mined until 1924. During the Second World War the mine served as a U-location for a petrol factory. Today there are still approx. 80-minute guided tours of the mine (, and in the winter months it can also be dived – provided the conditions are met.

In order to be able to dive in the mine, the equipment must first be brought into the mountain on foot, preferably with a suitable cart. In the mine itself there are tables for divers where the equipment can be assembled and put on, and also a nice platform for easy entry and exit into the flooded area.

The 6-metre sole has some areas where you can stick your head out of the water. From there it goes in several places into the deeper area. At a depth of about 18m there is a long tunnel with an artificial skeleton, the Adolf-von-Heynitz-Halle goes down to a depth of ~60m. There are still many things to see from the mining period. Stairs, wagons, tools, an old bicycle, old inscriptions and more make the dive interesting and varied.

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