Education – Mine Diver Classes

In general, every certified cave diver is able to dive the mines. If you are not cave trained yet, you even could participate at a „Mine Diver“ class. This is more or less equivalent to the cave diving classes, but completely conducted at mines – not in natural caves.

All the prcedures – for sure – are the same, so it’s easy to upgrade to a cave certification with two dives with your instructor afterwards.

One of the main advantages is that you don’t have to travel to the next natural cave, which often is hundreds or thousands kilometers.

Mine diving classes include theory, mine dives and dry runs as well.


Scheduled classes:
02.-05.04.2020, Nuttlar, by
05.-08.11.2020, Nuttlar, by

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Required certifications | requirements

The requirements will vary a bit, depending on the agency.
Normally a Tec Fundamentals class is required, and appx. 100 dives.

The student should be comfortable with doubles and the procedures teached in the fundamentals class.

Training agencies

Not every agency has a Mine Diver program. Here you’ll find a selection which offers Mine Diver classes.
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