s.u.b. International

s.u.b. mine diver certification.

s.u.b. is a German training agency, founded in 2008, and also member of CMAS.

Especially for the German mines, s.u.b. modified the cave diving program to have a proper class for all the accessible mines in Germany.

The big advantage is, that students don’t have to travel as far as for a cave class.

Content of the mine diver class is very similar to a cave 1 class, but it’s conducted in mines only. So things like flow, natural structure, complicated entrance etc are missing in comperance to real cave diving. A mine diver certification can be upgraded to a cave 1 diver certification with your s.u.b cave diving instructor.


Jochen Graus.u.b. Cave Instructor Trainer / Examiner
ISE Instructor Trainer / Examiner
ANDI Cave Explorer Instructor
ANDI CCR Cave Explorer Instructor
Nils Gilless.u.b. Mine Diver Instructor
Frank Verhammes.u.b. Mine Diver Instructor
Werner Leibners.u.b. Mine Diver Instructor