PATD (Professional Association for Technical Diving) was founded in 1999 in Germany, focusing on training Technical Divers.

PATD diver training is based on current international standards for sophisticated European diving conditions with a maximum focus on safety. Wreck diving in North and Baltic Sea demands a higher skill level from the diver compared to tropical waters. Same is cave diving in Europe for example in relation to temperature and visibility of Mexican caves. After successful completion, a PATD course a diver can carry out safe technical dives all over the world.

All our instructors are enthusiastic active divers. They personally conduct dives on a much higher level as they teach and therefore offer a maximum of experience and safety.

Mine Diving

In the last years mine diving is getting more and more popular reasoned by openings of some very attractive mines in Germany, but also in other European countries. Due to this fact PATD has developed a training program that educates mine diving for all mines divided in two levels.

The Mine Diver 1 course teaches diving along the main line, passing one “T”, using one sixth of the gas for penetration, with a maximum operation depth of 30 m with no decompression. The prerequisites are a basic course in technical diving and at least 60 dives. Tech 1 trained divers can attend this course with one bottom stage.

Mine Diver 2 teaches unlimited use of jumps, gaps and “T´s” between main lines, as well as exploration with using an own guideline. For the penetration one quarter of gas is permitted with no limitation of depth. The diver learns planning decompression dives with deposits of gas and diving circuits.

Of course, both courses contain all skills and procedures of emergency management in overhead environment. Our mine diver courses are divided in a theoretical part, dry runs and a lot of time in the water/mine.


Michael Melcher PATD Instructor Trainer
Marcus Döring PATD Mine Diver Instructor
Katrin DessinPATD Mine Diver Instructor