Kőbánya, Hungary

The mine is located in Budapest, Hungary. The address is 1105 Budapest, Bánya utca 37. The postal code is important as there are more streets in Budapest with the same name.
We are open during the whole year every day. The conditions are the same during the whole year. The weekends are usually crowded if you arrive on working days much easier to find free spot. I suggest to book your dives at least 4 weeks before your arrival.
The water temperature is between 10 and 12 centigrade.
We have four spots to dive with different entrances. Usually we do two dives per day. If you would like to visit all spots I recommend to arrive for two days.
The max depth in deepest diving spot is 36 m. In the other three spots you can find 30-31m max depth. The average depth of the divings is around 15m. It means all of the dives are no deco. You do not need decompression gas.

Our filling station is located in front of the mine. I can fill air and nitrox before, between and after the dives. If you use rebreather I can fill oxigen as well.
If you are at least Intro to Cave ( Cave1 ) Diver or certified and experienced technical diver you are warmly welcome in the overhead parts of the mine. The hobby/recreational divers can dive only in the OW parts. If you use rebreather please don’t leave home your cert.
If you want to dive in the overhead parts of the mine you need proper cave diving equipment. ( manifolded D-10, D-12, independent doubles or 2 sidemount bottles, 1 main light, 2 backup lights, spare mask, cutting device etc. ) If you dive in the OW parts you need only normal OW equipment plus 2 lights. If you use rebreather I expect individual Bailout.
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